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American Historic Society presents Historic Victory Limited Edition Commemorative President Barack Obama Plate complete with stand and certificate of authenticity. Made of quality porcelain and trimmed in 22K gold. The course of history changed on November 4, 2008 with the election of the 44th President of the United States, the Nations first African-American Commander in Chief. Its a moment captured forever in the historic victory plate. This limited edition fine porcelain heirloom from the American Historic Society commemorates the night that America found hope and welcomed change. Designed by artist Roger Cunningham, the front of the Historic Victory plate is inscribed with the election date and the words ''Change has come.'' The back of the plate bears the seal of the American Historic Society, marking its importance and integrity, and the historic popular and electoral vote totals. The plate is trimmed in 22 carat gold. It is a true piece of history the first of its kind that was created during one of only 65 firing days. After that, the die was destroyed and no more of these priceless works of art will ever be made. The Historic Victory plate is a family treasure that will be prized for generations to come. Not for food use food consumed from this plate me be harmful this is created for decorative purposes only. Measures 8''. Obama Collectable Plate Telebrands 097298021237