Official Barack Obama Joe Biden 2008 2 1/4'' Button Style bt29667

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Own a piece of history at a very inexpensive price. These could go up in price after the inaugeration of our 44th President Barack Obama. We have a liimited supply of these official campaign buttons and we guarantee them 100% to be authentic. These Obama Biden Campaign buttons came directly from his campaign. These are not the homemade buttons this is the real deal Union Made in the USA directly from his Campaign. We offer a 100% Guarantee that these are the hard to get official Campaign buttons that came directly from his campaign Headquarters. Looking closely at the buttons you can see the difference from these and the fake buttons not made for his campaign. Buying these buttons from us guarantees you are buying a hard to get collectable Barack Obama Campaign button that may go up in value when he becomes our next President. These are 100% Union made in the USA. Show your pride! Please note due to the limited quantity please honor our 5 per order limit. Gift Warehouse Gift Warehouse